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Pussy Licking 2 Girl Gang Bang

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Codi and Tosha are two hotties that have definitely been around the block a few times and with each other. Tosha wanted to introduce Codi to Dirty D and his debauchery so she brought her over for a full on bukkake. Codi sensually kisses Tosha and the boys know its on. They bring the girls to their knees and shove their hard cocks in these cuties mouths. After sucking dick for a while Codis pussy gets real wet and they throw her on the sex table. Her and Tosha start licking each others pussies to get them extra wet n ready before Dirty D and his boys take turns Fucking Codi. All the guys bust their nut all over each of them and the party ends with two horny sluts covered in fresh Bukkake.

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Naughty Nurse Fucking Perverts Gets a Creampie in the Gloryhole

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Danielle is a naughty nurse Dirty D met. He asks her if she ever gives her patients a happy ending with their sponge bath. Danielle says no she could get fired. At the gloryhole they welcome the relief Danielle brings them. This naughty nurse blows and bangs a train of perverts cocks through the gloryhole. Watch as Danielle takes a sticky creampie and gives the next guy some sloppy seconds. Danielle even lets the last lucky stranger fuck her tight asshole.

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Lanka Tasting Total Strangers Cocks in the Gloryhole

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Lanka is a sexy young wife with a craving for cock. Her husband enjoys her going out on wild sexual adventures and returning home to share every nasty detail with him. Dirty D knows that Lanka will be able to get her fill of cocks at the glory hole. Watch as Lanka strips naked and drops to her knees eagerly sucking the first strangers cock that pops through the hole. Lanka sucks off a train of perverts dicks before she leaves the glory hole booth.

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Hooker Tells About Being Born in Prison

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Born in prison to an addicted mother she enters the world suffering withdraws. Now as an adult nothing has changed. After I fuck her this nasty bitch wipes her pussy with some dudes shirt. Then right before your very eyes she has a full whack attack. See her wrath as she blames me for missing her connection. She pleads with the dealer on the cell phone screaming Im SICK. Im really SICK. I had to quickly drop this whacked out bitch off at the closest street corner.

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Middle Eastern Slut Loves Blowing Strangers in the Gloryhole

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Nissa is a wild Middle Eastern Slut. In her Homeland she would be shunned or even Stoned for acting out her slutty thoughts but Dirty D encourages such thoughts. He takes her to the infamous Glory Hole. There is nothing like this where Nissa is from. Dirty D gives her a dollar to pay the Video machine and its on. Nissa drops to her knees and starts sucking dick. She even Fucks a few strangers thru the hole before swallowing every drop of their cum.

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